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The Benefits

All Natural
Naturell is made of bio-catalysts. The methods we use to convert plant extracts into cleaning product are all naturally occurring phenomenon. And the end product contains no synthetic components. Very few "Green Products" are able to honestly claim to be all natural even though they are made from natural ingredients. In most cases natural ingredients are used to replace man made chemicals, but the end product still contains synthetic components (synthetic surfactants).

Fast Drying
Having your carpet dry in about 30 minutes means that you can walk on the carpet sooner than with other methods. This makes our service more convenient, but there is an even better reason for fast drying. Wet carpet makes the perfect environment for mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites. The faster a carpet dries, the less chance microbes have of growing in it. The best way to promote fast drying is simply not to get it very wet in the first place.

The large volume of water used in other methods is not to accommodate the carpet, nor is it to produce a deeper cleaning. It is simply to accommodate the synthetic surfactants that make up their detergent. The method that does the best job of accommodating the detergent is hot water extraction. Hot because synthetic surfactants are heat activated (they become stronger at high temperatures). Water because they use high-pressure water to blast the dirt loose, and because the detergent must be rinsed out. Extraction because once you have put a large volume of water into a carpet, a high-powered vacuum is your best chance of removing it from the carpet.

Less water does not mean less effective. It is true that low moisture methods are reputed to be less effective than hot water extraction, this is because they use oil based and alkaline products, but fail to rinsing them out well. The best way to avoid leaving a residue is simply not to put anything oil based and or alkaline in the carpet in the first place.

Fair Prices
We may not be the cheapest, but we don't surprise you with hidden or extra charges. Naturell stands apart from the rest of our industry in the way we give our customers fair and easy to understand prices. We don't play games by driving up the total with extra charges.

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