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The Difference

A quality service is one that best accommodates the needs of the customer. Naturell is very different from other carpet and upholstery cleaners because our All Natural cleaning product, low moisture method, and fair honest pricing policies are all designed around accommodating the needs of our customers.

Our patented cleaning product is made of bio-catalysts; it contains no man made chemicals and is completely organic. Exposure to chemicals has become a large concern to many people. Naturell accommodates your need for a safe living environment by not bringing chemicals into your home.

Large volumes of water will best accommodate the needs of detergent, but not the needs of the customer. Wet carpet is an inconvenience, and can be a breading ground for mold, mildew, bacteria, and dust mites. Our low moisture method leaves carpets dry in about 30 minutes.

Pricing gimmicks, hidden or extra charges, and high-pressure sales tactics are seldom intended to accommodate the needs of the customer. Our prices are clear and easy to understand, we don't have extra charges or surprises.

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