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Green Carpet Cleaning

Naturell is green on multiple levels:

Completely organic product

Our patented cleaning product is made from sea kelp and produced using only naturally occurring processes. It contains no manmade chemicals, it is biodegradable, and it is safe for both the outdoor and indoor environment. Recently the EPA recognized us with a SDSI champion award. We are very honored by this, Champion is the highest level of recognition offered under SDSI.dfe imagebay area green image

Energy efficient

The conventional method of cleaning carpet uses gas powered engines to operate their equipment the entire time they are cleaning carpet or upholstery. This forces them to use a lot more fossil fuel, and leave a much larger carbon footprint.

Water conservation

Our method uses about 95% less moisture than the conventional method. This means that in an area where we would use 2 gallons, they would use about 40 gallons. We can clean an entire home with less water than it takes to flush a toilet.


After your carpet has been cleaned with the conventional method, the carpet cleaner drives away with tens of gallons of waste water containing everything he sucked out of your carpet and the chemicals he used to clean it. With the best case scenario it ends up at a water treatment plant, with the worst case scenario it is drained into a storm drain and goes straight out to the environment untreated. Naturell doesn't have this problem because with our method there is no tank to drain, and there are no chemicals being used. The dirt from your carpet is taken away in the bonnets, and laundered in an industrial washing machine. The water from the washing machine goes to the water treatment plant every time without the possibility of it ending up in a storm drain.

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