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The Product

Perhaps you remember your grandmother cleaning things around the house with vinegar and water. Vinegar contains enzymes and natural acids, it makes a reasonably good cleaner even though it was developed more for cooking than cleaning. Our product is essentially vinegar that was custom designed for cleaning rather than cooking. It is produced using the same process as vinegar but the ingredients and cultures are different.

What is the molecular makeup of dirt being cleaned out of carpet and upholstery? Which enzymes are able to breakdown these molecules? What cultures are able to produce these enzymes, on what feed stock and conditions do they produce best. The natural production of beneficial ketones, chillates, and organic acids. This was the subject of our ten years of research and development. We have three patents and a completely unique 100% organic product.

Enzymes make many things possible that are not possible with detergents. Enzymes are specialized; there are tens of thousands of different enzymes each reacting only with specific molecules. Much like a lock and key, enzymes have a reactive site that will only fit certain molecules. Once they are connected the enzyme exchanges atoms bringing about change to the molecule but leaving the enzyme unchanged. From beginning to finish a molecule will undergo a chain of reactions moving from one enzyme to the next changing a little with each reaction until solid becomes liquid and gas.

What this means is that in some cases the spot will simply vanish shortly after it is sprayed with the solution. But in most cases the solution breaks down oils that adhere dirt to fibers.

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