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Upholstery Cleaning

If you were to slap a cushion of your sofa with your hand, you might be surprised at what flies loose from it. Most people don't have their upholstery cleaned very often if at all. Think of all the hours you and your family spend sitting or laying on your upholstery watching television. If you were to wear the same clothes for that long, do you suppose they would be due for a cleaning? I'm not suggesting that upholstery needs to be cleaned as frequently as clothing, but every year or two would probably be a good idea. Remember dust mites love upholstery. This is also true of mattresses.

The average drying time for upholstery with our method is about 3 hours. This may very depending on the fabric, batting, and the amount of soiling. We charge $150 for regular sofas, $100 for love seats, $75 for upholstered chairs, and $10 for dinning chairs. The price of sectional sofas depends on how many sections there are and how large the sections are. For example most sectional sofas are the equivalent to a sofa and a love seat so the price is $250.


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